§ 1 Accounts

a) Every player can have only one account.
b) Giving password for other players is forbidden. Asking and threating in order to obtain password is forbidden.
c) Free account giving is avaible.
d) Wider interaction between player characters is forbidden.
e) Is forbidden to set avatars with pornografic contens, inconsistent with applicable law or netiquette.
f) Is severely forbidden to abuse referral link.
g) Administration of SW not be liable for any loss resulting from the player's fault (eg theft NP after password passing etc).
h) All accounts in the game belongs to company CompeR Games Maciej Wicki.

§ 2 Communication

a) Insulting other players and the administration is prohibited. This applies to any place in the game..
b) It is prohibited to use profanity in logins, character names, personal text, private messages, clan descripions, shoubox, and clan shoubox.
c) It is prohibited to use and to promote pornographic contenst and links leading to such contents. This applies to every place game.
d) It is forbidden to insult or belittling other players.
e) It is strictly forbidden to threat and blackmail about real life and impersonating under administration.
f) Extremely political, pornographic or otherwise illegal statements in the game are strictly prohibited.
g) It is forbidden to use games for advertising purposes.
h) Impersonating under administration is prohibited. Each administrator's nickname is proprietary.
i) It is forbidden to extort NP during clan recruitment.
l) It is forbidden to provoke a situation that could lead to banning unprovoked person. If the case is proven, the provocative person will be banned .

§ 3 Account Selling

a) Using account for commercial purposes is prohibited.
b) Violation of this rule will lead to exclusion from the game.

§ 4 Breakdowns and errors

a) In cases beyond our control, some services may not always be available. Therefore, any player may not request the availability of services.
b) Service provider is not liable for server failures, software defects, and burglary stemming from the user.
c) Each player is required to immediately report errors to administrators. Using of error will be punished.

§ 5 Bots

a) Using of scripts that automate game play or block advertising is not permitted.
b) Violation of this rule will lead to exclusion from the game.

§ 6 Deleting of account

a) We reserve the right to remove character without giving any reason (including, after 60 days of absence).
b) An account can be banned by the administrator when a player does not comply with these Rules.
c) If an account was banned for breaking the rules, premium bonuses are not returned or renewed.

§ 7 Premium Payments

a) Settlement of credit card and e-transfer is carried out by Dotpay.
b) Complaints about the virtual currency after finalization of payments should be reported through support system - "Contact with administration".
c) As a premium service player buys virtual currency in the game (Ninja Points)
d) Virtual currency can be used for special bonuses / items to help / speed up the game. There is no time limit. Virtual currency can be used at any time from payment (does not expire). e) Virtual currency can be purchased by sending a text message or a web payment (from PLN 10 to 500 PLN - the larger the amount of the purchase - the more extra Ninja Points).

§ 8 Others

a) Player agrees to receive promotional mails about games from Comper Games company.

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NIP: 842-17-32-012
REGON: 220816808
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Gate Guardian killed by Darkkirito
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