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Game rules


§ 1 Accounts

a) Each player can have only one account.
    * It is forbidden to have more than one account with characters on the same server (ID and PN logos are proofs).
b) Passing the password on to other players is forbidden.
    * It is also forbidden to ask or threaten other players to obtain a password.
c) The transfer of an account (even free) is prohibited. The account is owned by one player.
    * As the account is owned by one player, account sharing is also prohibited.
    * The administration is not responsible for transactions between players.
d) It is forbidden to have a wider interaction between the characters of the player who has multiple accounts / characters.
    * It is forbidden to have characters in two different clans that lead a war between them.
    * IP interaction between accounts related to reflectors (IP logs) is forbidden.
    * It is forbidden to substitute characters in wars in villages
e) It is forbidden to set avatars that contain pornographic content that does not comply with the law or netiquette.
f) Abuse of the reference link is strictly prohibited.
g) The administration is not liable for any losses caused to the player due to his fault (eg stealing PN after passing the password, etc.).
h) All accounts in the game belong to CompeR Games Maciej Wicki.

§ 2 Communication

a) Offending other players and administration is prohibited. This applies to every place in the game.
    * It is forbidden to use statements and phrases generally regarded as offensive depending on their context. Interpretation of the context of the expression depends on the Administration.
    * It is forbidden to formulate slander against violations of the rules of the game, or other moral / legal principles. To report your suspicions, use the 'Support' option.
b) It is forbidden to use profanity in login names, character names, character descriptions, private messages, clan descriptions and general shoutbox.
    * We leave clan administration to care for the clan Shoutbox.
c) It is forbidden to use or propagate pornographic content, acting to the detriment of the game and links leading to such content. This applies to every place of the game.
    * It is forbidden to set false names for characters (Vulgar nicknames, offensive, currently breaking the law, netiquette).
d) Threats and blackmail are allowed only within the game and can only affect the game (can not refer to PN).
e) The threats and blackmail of real life as well as impersonation for administration are strictly forbidden.
f) Extremely political, pornographic or otherwise illegal, statements in the game are prohibited.
g) It is forbidden to use the game for advertising purposes.
h) It is forbidden to impersonate administrations. Each administrator's nickname is reserved.
i) It is forbidden to extort the PN during recruitment to the clan. 'Agreements' between the player and the leader regulating the admission of characters or other matters for PN are allowed, but the Administration does not supervise such practices.
k) It is forbidden to insult or diminish other players.
l) It is forbidden to provoke situations that may lead to banning a provoked person. If this is proven, the provocative person will be banned.
m) It is forbidden to use names, surnames and images of real people (including historical ones) in the game, especially those related to politics or religion. This applies to every place in the game (with emphasis on the names and avatars of the character).

§ 3 Accounty Sale

a) Using the account for commercial purposes is prohibited.
b) Violation of this rule will lead to exclusion from the game.

§ 4 Failures and errors

a) In cases that are independent of us, some services may not always be available. Therefore, no player can request service availability.
b) The service provider is not responsible for server failures, software defects, and burglaries resulting from the user's site.
c) Each player is obliged to immediately report bugs to administrators. The use of bugs will be punished.
d) It is forbidden to disseminate game bugs or bots. Bugs should be reported in the appropriate place (forum or support).
e) Bugs that are manifestly harmful or that can have a significant impact on the course of the game or its economy, should be reported directly to the administration with the omission of players.

§ 5 Bots

a) Using scripts that automate the game or block ads is not allowed.
b) Violation of this rule will lead to exclusion from the game.
c) It is forbidden to disseminate game or bots errors.

§ 6 Deletion of the account

a) We reserve the right to remove the state of the game without giving a reason.
b) The account may be blocked by the administrator when the player does not comply with these regulations.
c) If an account is blocked for breaking the rules, premium bonuses are not refunded or renewed.

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